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The Collections

The Murder She Wrote Collection



The Murder She Wrote Collection was inspired by a woman who loves all things couture, when she puts on her pieces she means business.  Move get out her way, because she’s coming through and she’s definitely not having it.


Snob Collection

The Snob Collection was created for the girl who puts herself on a pedestal, she identifies with being social superior and dislike people or activities regarded as lower class. She’s a little bougie and loathes anything less than the finer things. She believes her taste is superior to those of others. Oh, and she’s allergic to anything less than luxury. She has great taste and opulence is her middle name. Of course she wants and has it all, leaving a trail of haters whispering about her power moves. Don’t forget jealousy is a disease get well soon bitch.

Fun & Flirty
The Fun& Fliirty Collection was inspired by a woman navigating through the city channeling her inner seductress.  The art of flirting is a powerful way to command the attention of a handsome gentleman. This collection represents beautiful women around the world attempting to strike up a conversation in hopes of meeting that perfect mate. Awkward of course, but painting one finger at a time can make things a little bit more exciting.
Socialite Collection

Get lost in the city with bold and mesmerizing hues, with our Socialite Collection by Blu Ink. We’re sure you will have fun painting the city Blu!

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