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1. Prevents splits and breakage

Emery boards and steel files are quite rough, often leaving jagged edges. A glass nail file smooths and seals the freshly filed edges, which reduces nails’ susceptibility to splits and peeling, which is all key to growing your nails.

2. Doesn’t dull over time

Glass nail files last significantly longer than emery boards. The way in which they are manufactured – acid/permanently etched – means that they will never wear down. In fact, theoretically they will never need to be replaced, leading some brands to offer a lifetime guarantee.

3. Hygiene

Unlike an emery board which should never be in contact with water, glass nail files can be rinsed in hot water, washed in soapy water and sterilised. Being able to clean the file gets rid of bacteria and reduces the chances of nail infections.

4. Longevity

Glass nail files will not corrode or rot. In comparison, emery boards are porous and can absorb water and bacteria.

5. Efficiency

The finer surface of a glass nail file allows filing to be more precise, which makes targeting specific areas easier. The filing and smoothing effect is achieved in one process which also saves time.

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