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Blu Ink Essentials Pen Pal and Vodka (topcoat) two must haves

Manicures are a girls favorite past time, however partaking in this weekly ritual is meaningless if a woman does not invest in one of her biggest investments, that not only cost time, but money. No worries Blu Ink Nail Lacquer got you covered. We recommend two of many products that are extremly needed to maintain the lifespan of your manicure. Our first recommendation is our very own Vodka (top coat),

Our Top Coat is everything and much much more.

Vodka is a high glossy enamel that leaves a shine after its applied. It also hides any imperfections in the application of the nail enamel, not to mention it contains a UV inhibitor which prevents yellowing the nail. Investing in our top coat is certaling a gret way to perserve your manicure. We also reccomend our very own Pen Pal, which is our cuticle pen. Yes Blu Ink has created its very own Cuticle Pen, which we hight recommend, to uplift those dry cuticles. Currently we have two variations of this useful, and needed tool. Lavender and Ylang Ylang. Both are geared towards hydrating the cuticles on the go or when needed at home. We have selected quality oils to create this little jewel. Some of the finnest hand selected ingredients, such as pure essential oils and other carrier oils that help protect, hydrate and uplift dry cuticles and nails.

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