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Which Blu are you?

Paint the town Blu Monthly with Blu Ink Beauty Box Subscription

Get handpicked goodies each month for $34.99

Receive your first box in January 2017.

About the Box and How It Works

Each month you will receive a curated box with handpicked goodies that every girl must have.  Each item will allow you to maintain the lifespan of your manicure and pedicure, not to mention the health and wellness of you skin.  It's like celebrating Christmas each month.

Tell Us a little about you

Answer a few questions?


1. What color you admire the most?


2. What's your favorite season winter, spring, summer, fall?


3. Who would be your alter ego?


4. What color does your wadrobe consist most of?


5. What fragrances are your least crazy about? 


6. What fragranaces intrigue you the most?

Meet the Blu Ink Girls, tell us which Blu Ink Girl are you!


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