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Is base coat really that important? Yes!

When I first started using nail varnish in my early teens I didn’t use base coat. Even though I thought I should probably put it on, I skipped the step because I didn’t know all the benefits I was missing out on. Base coat is the secret superhero of the manicure, and here’s why:

Strengthens and Encourages Growth

Base coat protects nails, covering the nail plate and any existing peels or splits. It also acts as a reinforcement for your nails, making them stronger and more resilient. All of which is super important for growing your nails.

Prevents Staining* and Discolouration

If you want to avoid stains, particularly when wearing dark nail colours, then you have to wear a base coat. This protective layer acts as a buffer between the pigments within the colour and your nail plate, helping to minimise the transfer of colour onto your nails. Sometimes nails can turn a little yellow as a result of wearing nail varnish regularly. Base coat can also help to guard against this kind of discolouration too!

*The effectiveness depends on each individual base coat. There are some nail varnish colours that are particularly ‘strong’ and manage to seep through a base coat. Bear this in mind, particularly when opting for blue shades.

Helps to Achieve ‘True Colour’

Without base coat you might find yourself having to apply a third coat of colour in order to reach full opacity and/or fill out any streaks. Even though it’s a much thinner layer than pigmented nail varnish, the base coat will prep your nails for smooth colour, much like using primer before foundation.

Extends Wear-time and Prevents Chips

Top coat isn’t the only thing that contributes to the longevity of a manicure. Base coat will also keep your manicure looking fresher for longer, with less chips.

Creates a Smooth Base

Base coat not only preps the nail for better colour, but a smoother finish. Even basic base coats (not specifically ridge fillers) can provide some ridge filling benefits. A smoother finish will leave a glossier looking nail as the light reflects of a smooth surface and is not interrupted by unevenness.

So even though it may be tempting, never go without base coat. Your nails will thank you for it!

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