October 17, 2016

Blu Ink was added to Logical Harmony's weekly  growing list of Cruelty Free and Vegan brands.  Check their website to see if your favorite brands made the list.  


June 23, 2016

The Snob Collection was created for that girl who puts herself on a pedestal, she identifies with being social superior and dislike people or activities regarded as lower class.   She’s a little bougie and loath anything less than the finer things.  She believes her taste is superior to those of others. Oh and she’s allergic to anything less than luxury.  She has great taste and opulence is her middle name.  Of course she wants and has it all leaving a t...

April 8, 2015

When you’re a fabulous Social Lite what better way is their than to navigate through the friendly skies in a non-stop air craft, this rich sparkly color with black undertones, is the true definition of power and privilege.   



April 3, 2015

Tip toeing through the city in a beat pair of pumps, can be a bitch, we all are familiar with the phrase “beauty is pain”. Those sexy stilettos pinching our feet, but overall we look damn good. This powerful red exemplifies that sultry woman and her fetish for shoes.  



April 1, 2015


Unfortunately their are politics that prohibit us from banning cosmetic testing, but socially conscious Blu Ink rises above it...We care do you......


Read more at Fashionista.com.

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